Welcome to the Kettles Association and The Church of the Kettles!

Upcoming Events

  • The annual AGM/BBQ will be on July 8th; AGM at 5:00 and BBQ at 6:00.
  • Regatta will be held on August 5th.

The Kettles Cottagers Association (Lake Muskoka) has been community of over 300 local cottagers for since 1925, which provides junior sailing, swimming and crafts programs, along with activities such as our annual BBQ, Silent auction, Sailing Races on weekends, and the Annual Regatta on the mid-summer Civic Holiday Long Weekend. Please explore our website for more information on summer programming and the Church of the Kettles.

Junior Programming

The Kettles is very pleased to offer Junior Swimming and Sailing programs for this summer. 

WE ARE NOW HIRING INSTRUCTORS AND ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS FOR BOTH SWIMMING AND SAILING PROGRAMS. More information can be found at – https://thekettles.ca/2023/01/31/now-hiring-instructors-for-summer-junior-programs/

For scheduling, fees and registration, please check out detailed information on Junior Sailing and Junior Swimming.

Church of the Kettles

Dear Friends:

We extend greetings and best wishes to you and your families, looking forward to spending time in Muskoka this summer and visiting The Church of the Kettles during its 138th season of worship.

Stacey Hewgill has set up a schedule of ministers for Sundays, July 2nd – August 27th at 10:30 am.

Although we remember fondly the music of Fran Hayter, we are beginning a new era of music and are seeking new musicians to add their music to our summer services. Our current director of music Stan Hunter is requesting support with piano, guitar, trumpet, flute, saxophone, or any instrument to accompany his great voice during the services. Please reach out to Stan (705-641-0152) if you know of anyone who could provide accompaniment.

The Board of Trustees has commissioned Barry Wiskel to create a Memorial Trellis that is now a permanent installation at the church. Information about this is available here.

To stay on top of updates and information please visit  https://thekettles.ca/summer-services/ 

Yours truly,

Paul Doolan, for The Board of Trustees. 

If you would like to be added to the Church of the Kettles email list for updates, please contact churchofthekettles@gmail.com



SAFE SPORT Creating a Safe and Inclusive sport environment The Kettles Association believes everyone involved in any role in the sport of sailing has the right to participate in a safe and inclusive sailing environment free of abuse, harassment, or discrimination – collectively referred to as maltreatment. This right to fully enjoy the sport applies …